First off, we need to identify the causes of this type of pigmentation. It can be caused by a number of things including...

  • Environment: Devices that strain your eyes, or extensive sun exposure causing over pigmentation.
  • Health: Lack of sleep, high stress and dehydration.
  • Age: Loss of natural skin thickness, and accumulation of dead skin.
  • Hormones: Increased hormonal levels causing increased Melanin (especially during pregnancy)
Desert Cracks

As a general rule of thumb these 3 things can help you prevent dark patches, whether on your face or your body:

1. Protect yourself from the sun

2. Nourish your skin to repair damage

3. Exfoliate to increase circulation

Of course, you can’t treat the delicate skin around your eyes the same as you would your knees and elbows. The treatment for eyes should include non-abrasive exfoliation and massage, whereas the treatment for joints will include a more abrasive exfoliating scrub. But remember that in both cases a good antioxidant rich moisturizer is needed. 

Gua Sha Facial Workshop

Taking care of the skin around your eyes and eyebrows is an essential aspect for achieving that overall glow. There are certain ways to improve the skin around the eyes, and thicken the brows to frame the face. But there is only one “Green Bar” way: 

Step 1:

After cleansing, apply 1-2 drops of Brightening Eye Treatment to your finger tips and tap all around the eye area, including brows and lashes. This will help thicken your eyebrows and eyelashes and help you avoid using make-up to create definition. (why? you ask, because make up affects the growth of the follicles and clogs your pores). 

Step 2:

Prepare your White Jade Gua sha tool by cooling in a glass of cold water. Alternatively, you can store your Gua sha tool in the fridge (never the freezer!) until you need it.  

Step 3:

Use the tool dry on well moisturized skin and glide it gently around the curves of your face or just your eye area. Massaging the full face starting with your neck, will help drain away puffiness and get your blood flowing. Give your eyes more attention by following a gentle motion (light to no pressure) from inner corners out to your temples. This technique will help remove heat and inflammation from the face, and bring positive energy and radiance to the skin. 

Recommended Products for Pigmentation

Well, each of our products is natural and high in antioxidants, but these particular products are exceptionally good because of their specialist ingredients. 

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