The Intentions 

Creating your intentions begins with setting goals that align with your values and aspirations. 

Step 1

Consider what matters most to you in life. Recognizing your values is the first step- Write down 5 of your values e.g. spirituality, kindness, or wisdom. 

Step 2

Explore the areas in your life you want to improve using these values. Consider your relationships, career, spirituality, health and environment. 

Step 3

It is important that you write your intentions clearly. Be specific. Think about how you can accomplish these goals and set positive intentions that will help you achieve them.

Lighting Incense Stick

Now, it is not enough to write these intentions down. It is essential to create the right energy and setting to begin your journey. 

The Ritual 

All holistic practices are based on the concept of energy, and certain objects help us to channel and cleanse our energy. To prepare, select a space as your “intention setting sanctuary”. Preferably, quiet, peaceful and comfortable, to avoid distractions. 

Burning Incense Cone


The right scent can cleanse your body of negative energy but also sooth your mind. Choosing a natural aroma such as our Oud Incense will help elevate the vibration of your room. Our Oud incense comes in cone and stick form, so you can choose what suits your space best. 

Energy Crystal 

Placing a healing crystal on top of your written intention helps to magnify your intentions so they can manifest themselves much quicker. Especially if you match the energy of the crystal with your intention. 

  • White Jade: frees the mind, increases intuition, heals negativity, attracts positive energy. Associated with Crown chakra. 
  • Smokey Quartz: centering, grounding, protecting, removes negative energy. Associated with Root chakra. 
  • Bian Stone: relieving anxiety and pain, centering, grounding and protecting. The original acupressure tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
Gua Sha Crystals

Place your written intention under your chosen crystal and embue your incense with your intention as you light it. Take a few moments to breathe and meditate while the incense burns. 

We all know that we can lose track when life gets busy. Keeping your intention and crystal in a visible place where you pass through every day, ensures that it will catch your eye and set your day off with positive intentions. 

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