Green Bar is a company founded on the island of Bahrain. We have our own facility where we conceptualize, manufacture, and sell our full range of face, body, and home products, as well as spa experiences to share and re-discover the Arabian Peninsula’s healing culture.

Our mission is to bring awareness to the healing potential of the plants in this geographical area, connecting the people to the land, and bringing awareness to the environment.

On a deeper note, as healers and as a local business we want to be role models finding creative solutions and trusting imagination as the best tool for transformation. We aim to manifest products that reinvent the use of forgotten ingredients, for a modern world.

Our Lab

All Green Bar health and beauty products are handcrafted, in small batches, in our on-site laboratory in Bahrain. Each batch is quality tested, and bottled in-house, for the freshest possible products.

We harvest our own herbs whenever possible, we dry our herbs, we distill local plants, we make our own soap, ointments and blends. Everything is created in house to be able to share as much as we can, from our heart to yours.

We package and bottle our products in the Green Bar facility. For Green Bar’s ingredients to remain in optimum condition, brown glass bottles are used to protect the product from all the potentially damaging effects of UV rays, and preserve the life force.

Our Garden

Green Bar sources as many ingredients as possible from the region, and many from our garden. Our garden is a wonderful source of native ingredients, especially during the cooler growing season. Mint, mulberry, rose and palm are usually harvested directly from our family land.

Bahrain has historically cultivated its lands through its many wells, through flood irrigation, this is how our garden was cultivated by the family generations back to grow our desert oasis.

Green Bar also works in coordination with local farms. We are committed to sourcing fresh native produce, and forging relationships with local farmers to learn from them and appreciate what it takes to harvest the bounty.

Our Ethics

Every Green Bar ingredient is 100% natural, non-toxic, pure, and effective. We only use the finest botanical cold-pressed oils, that are never subject to heat. Our fragrances are never synthetic, so the body recognizes them as healing remedies. We source our raw ingredients directly from each supplier so we can trace everything that goes into our creations.


  • All Green Bar's oils are infused with the purest in concentrated plant essences, creating a wondrous combination of fragrance and experience.
  • We only use the finest in botanical cold-pressed oils, even for soap.
  • Heat damages the subtle ingredients in precious oils, so…we never use heat.


  • All Green Bar’s aromas calm the nervous system, they have a natural power to de-stress, calm and balance you.
  • We source the scents from fruits, flowers, herbs or natural resins. Nothing is synthetic.
  • Our fragrances do not interfere with your commercial perfume and its subtle elegance is harmonious to your body.