Physician preparing an Elixir, Materia Medica of Dioscorides, ca. 1224 AD

Attars are natural fragrance oils used as part of the holistic healing system of Yunnani Tibb, a Perso-arabic traditional medicine. The concept, however, is Ancient Greek and the name “Yunnani” is a clear give away for any Arab (like “Parmigiano” - from Parma).

These methods from Greece included Egyptian and Mesopotamian healing methods. It was Hakim Ibn Sina who subsequently developed the teachings of his predecessors into a comprehensive healing system.

Each food we eat, each medicine used, each scent worn, whether internally or externally, has its own “mazaj” or mood.

It is this “mazaj” factor that Yunnani Tibb takes first into account when treating patients. The appropriate herbal treatments and attars are then selected for each individual suitable for the person's specific constitution.

Al-Nabiq, invented by Jabir Ibn Hayyan, ca. 766 AD

The Attar is used medicinally, provided of course, that it is natural, and not a chemical composition. The correct “mazaj” will not be achieved with only parts or components of a plant. When you see something like citranol, geraniol etc. these are isolated parts of a plant, so these don’t apply. For medicinal purposes we take the whole plant, it’s much more difficult to attain and therefore expensive, but a little will go a long way.

“Attar” is an ancient Arabic and Persian word that translates as essence. Attars can adjust emotions, states of mind and the spiritual side of a person. True Attars are alcohol free, the addition of alcohol renders them unsuitable for medicine. Green Bar’s face and body moisturizers are suitable for the medicinal use of attar.

How to Use:

You can be casual when using these moisturizers daily, but having an intention elevates the healing. A simple intention, for example:

  • to clear your mind.
  • to help you forgive.
  • to make you more present.
  • to relieve your pain.

In the system of Yunnani Tibb, the heart is considered the most important organ. Ibn Sina concurred with the prophetic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad in this regard:

“There is one organ in the body, which, if it is well, the whole body is well; and if it is ill, the whole body is ill. And this organ is the heart.” (Chishti 1991, p.238)

Ibn Sina was so convinced of the value of attars in treating heart conditions that he once remarked that “all aromatic oils are cardiac drugs." He considered that attars had a unique ability to restore harmony to the human body, as well as encouraging the emergence of divine potentialities.

LEFT: "Rose lutea": Rose, from the Juliana Anicia Codex, ca. 512 AD. RIGHT: Laurel, from the Materia Medica, of Dioscorides, ca. 1224 AD

The Rose

Rose attar has a unique status among all the attars because it works on the heart. It works simultaneously on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

It is purifying and can be most effective when used in these specific points:

1. Back of
the Neck

2. Between the Shoulder blades

(Someone has to help you)

3. On the

4. Base of
the Feet

5. Inside of
the Wrists

6. Middle of
the Palm

(Rub and inhale deeply)

Note: if the above diagrams look familiar, that is because there is a lot of overlap between Yunnani Tibb and TCM. Many of the same acupressure points apply.

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