To live your seasons harmoniously you need to hydrate the intelligent way and be conscious of the things that dehydrate you: 

  1. Hot air: even when you are not sweating, hot air will make the water in your body literally evaporate.
  2. Sweating (obviously)
  3. Forgetting to Drink: Doing too many things and forgetting to drink water- happens all the time!

What to Wear?

1. COTTON MUSLIN: the thinnest transparent kind. Layer for a light airy feel.

2. MODAL: it’s not terrible, its light and can be very soft and comfortable. It is the better choice as a T shirt material (check your labels even when shopping online).

3. NO POLYESTER: avoid anything with polyester, even very expensive clothes have it, so always read labels if you care to put your comfort first.

What to Eat?

We study what foods can cool you off because we want you to enjoy the changing seasons. Live each season to its fullest! That is health. 


All greens are cooling for the body, but the sliminess of Melukhia will also moisturize you on the inside!

Melukhia grows locally this time of year. Add it to your food like spinach or cook Egyptian melukhia with fresh leaves, remember melukhia 101: never cover the pot or you will discolour the green leaves.

What to Drink?


Cooling foods help bring you back to your senses, calming and grounding you. Rose tea will also activate the heart energy, we know because we have overdosed on rose tea and got chest pain from how much we stimulated the heart!

Check out the full recipe (makes 1 litre).

Remember, to have your blossoms go a long way tear a few petals rather than using the whole blossom (unless you have a party and want to be festive).


Sweet things help hydrate the body, and honey will do just that AND give you digestive enzymes.  

Helps slow down acute reactions and neutralize the toxic effects of other foods, also lubricates and nourishes the body (a Traditional Chinese Medicine classification for sweet things). 

Mix into your herbal ice teas when they are around 35 degrees. 1 tablespoon per 1 litre. 

What to Use?


If the weather is too humid and you don't want to moisturize, this frankincense honey based cleanser will help retain the moisture levels of your skin. Cleanse, tone and skip the moisturizer for the day time.


Our plant-based lip balm that lifts your mood and heals your lips. Now with a shimmery golden tint to catch the sunlight. This summer essential can be used as a lip balm and as a highlighter on your cheekbones.

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