When we select plants for cleansing they are usually very powerful, they work even more powerfully with your engagement. 

Ask your self while cleaning up: what else are you trying to clear away? Cleaning and clearing go together. When you have the answer, hold that intention to support you in your cleansing.

The key ingredient in our Aleppo soap and Aged Bar Soap is Laurel oil. One of Laurel’s powers, according to leading aromatherapist Valerie Warwood, is that it encourages emotional healing by bringing in fortitude, inspiration, protection, direction and creativity. Helping you clear away blockages.  

House wife removing frozen long johns from a clothes line, 1950's
Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts

Watch out for a new dialogue on our Journal and Story coming up this week:

"How sentimental clearing affects confidence"

A dialogue between Wiebke Buelow of Tidy Bayti & Reem Al Khalifa of Green Bar.

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DIY Laundry Soap

Can’t decide which laundry detergent is right for your family? Here is our take on a homemade laundry detergent that is chemical-free and gentle on delicates...  


  • 2 bar soaps grated (Gentle or Aged Bar Soap) 
  • 2 little cans of bicarbonate of soda from supermarket 
  • 2.7 litres water


  • Melt the grated soap in 1 cup of hot water 
  • Add the 2 cans of bicarbonate of soda, leave space for foam to escalate. 
  • Add the rest of the cold water, pour in a convenient bottle. 


  • For stains: Use the bar soap. Wet the soiled area, then apply soap directly on stain, leave for 5 minutes and rinse completely with water several times. It should completely disappear. 
  • For gym clothes: Pre-soak in a little water bath for 15 minutes with 1/2 a cup of soap solution. Add more water if the clothes are not immersed, then rinse with cold water. Soaking will neutralize the odour of synthetic gym clothes, cold water preserves their elasticity. 
  • For washing underwear while traveling: Use grated soap and water bath, soak then rinse.  
  • For a bit of fragrance: add 1 pump of Aleppo liquid soap for delicates like pyjamas, along with the soap solution. 
Illustration from Medical Botany, 1863

The Power of Laurel (laurus nobilis)

“A beautiful ingredient to work with on the skin, in your home… and in the kitchen!”

Explore one of our favourite beauty ingredients in a culinary context. We love the cleansing properties of our laurel soap, but the laurel’s properties goes beyond just amazing soap.  

Laurel Leaf is also known as bay leaf. It is used for pickling and braising because it contains enzymes that help to breakdown proteins and digest food. You will often find it used with meat, lamb, or even beans while cooking in a boiling water. The leaf has a floral fragrance that imparts a depth to any other spices with which it is combined. Think of it as a spice booster. 

Try exploring laurel as a tea to find out how it tastes, and next time you make a broth don’t forget to include it with your other spices! 

Photo by Ko Noa Manuka

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