Reem's topic today is how brooms really can make us fly. Click the video to hear from Wiebke Buelow of Tidy Bayti on the topic of Sentimental Clearing.

Most of us know that we cannot do a clean up without coming face to face with our sentimental items, this kept me away from clearing up for a long time. Cleaning up doesn’t mean you have to sweep away things you love. Our sentimental items deserve more consideration than being swept away…

When we take the time to reflect on things we have held onto we notice that they reveal a lot about our attachments. We have gifts, we have memories and we usually also have a lot more than what we need- fogging our brain to what we actually love in all the clutter. What we love needs to stand out like a torch in the dark.

As a beauty brand we want to explore the topic of confidence with depth. Of course if you look good you feel good, but the real confidence comes from knowing what you want and what you need in your daily life. I find that this is a really good exercise for insecure people especially, because they second-guess themselves the most.

Photograph of Wiebke Buelow by Tidy Bayti

We will be taking a look at some of the things we hoard with Tidy Bayti’s Wiebke, follow her on Instagram @tidybayti and contact her if you personally need support. She is a certified KonMariTM Consultant, and she’s decluttered her own home and has helped a lot of people tidy up their homes with Full On CONSCIOUSNESS, not everyone may be ready for that, but some people are ready to get liberated.

With special thanks to Wiebke Buelow of Tidy Bayti Instagram @tidybayti

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