To those of you who haven’t heard of the KonMari Method™ or Marie Kondo, it is not only a highly efficient method of organizing but actually a way of life that above all else values joy, mindfulness and gratitude.

Being a certified KonMari™ consultant, Wiebke has embraced this way of life and is helping others to do the same. Among the things this philosophy teaches us, is the importance of rituals such as cleansing your home, giving to loved ones and taking care of yourself. Why Rituals? The word “ritual” alone has a spiritual weight to it, a performance of mindful actions that are more important than the final result.  

Beginning a new year means a fresh start, sparking joy (of course), and treating yourself by spending some quality time with YOU. So, Wiebke has come up with the perfect rejuvenation ritual that you can do at home, in the spa, over a day or over a whole week. Here are her 4 steps for your own Winter Spa Day...

1. Energize:
Start the Day on the right foot

Getting your body moving early in the morning is a great way to get energized, improve your mood and will lead to a good night’s rest (especially when done outdoors). Try Pilates in your garden, sign up for a Yoga class or just plan a walk in the cool sunny weather, whether at the beach or even down the street.

2. Rejuvenate:
“Peel off” the old skin, old year & old habits

“New year, new you” means overcoming unhealthy habits by developing new healthy ones. Similarly, scrubbing away dead skin cells with a Moroccan bath or Facial will help give you healthy renewed skin. Exfoliation, not only removes dead skin cells, but also boosts blood circulation and increases cell turnover to rejuvenate your skin and give it a healthy glow.

Try Green Bar's brand new Exfoliating Bar Soap, a purifying soap made with date seed charcoal and an uplifting scent of lemongrass and ginger grass. For even more pampering, book a Green Bar facial at one of their affiliated spas or book their Home Service with Natalia Olenska.

3. Relax:
A peaceful break and time to think

After a busy morning of exercise and pampering, schedule yourself some quiet time to spend comforting your body and relaxing your mind. Have some calming tea and some healthy comfort food and think about your intentions for the new year. My recommendations: Green Bar’s Rose Tea, Ally's Kitchen Stories cakes and cookies (@allyskitchenstories) and GB Cafe's Healing Bowl.

4. Discover:
Try something new for yourself.

End the day with a new discovery. This is a more personal step, each of you will choose to do something different but my personal goal was to...

A) try out meditation, and B) to bring more music back into my life.

So, I decided my “something new for 2020” will be a Sound Bath meditation experience, to gain a greater sense of peace and wellbeing. 

What is your “something new for 2020”?

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