28.000 BD

Brightening Eye Treatment

Concentrated date seed oil, rich in B5 and lauric acid.

Date seed oil is obtained by steam distillation. We get our oil from a private farm in Saudi Arabia. You need 200kg of pits to give you 1 litre of oil! Date seed oil’s composition is similar to a saturated fat with a rich source of lauric acid. This is very antimicrobial and can even help with acne. B complex in general is known to be the beauty complex, this oil is high in B5 which really helps with moisture levels, and skin recovery. The scent of this oil is sweet and calming with no added essential oils. 


Vegan | Nut Free | Native


Concentrated date seed oil (phoenix dactylifera) obtained by steam distillation.


We recommend applying this product around the eyes for dark circles, and eye area. Apply to brows, and lashes to thicken and frame the face. For pigmented patches apply on the area to fade their appearance. For acne apply on the affected area.


  • Helps skin recover 
  • Grows eyelashes and eyebrows 
  • Fades pigmented skin