2.900 BD

Coffee & Cacao Butter Bar Soap 65g

Natural Hand Made Bar Soap

An unscented soap made with naturally aromatic cinnamon, cacao butter, and a dark Arabic coffee brew to help even out skin tone, and keep it supple.

In a fast-paced synthetic world, natural handmade soaps are beautiful pathways to the authentic “old fashioned” “belongings” in life, to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Our soaps are made with our pressed oils, completely herbal with rich moisturizing butters to protect the skin.



Cacao butter, almond oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, brewed Arabic coffee, sodium hydroxide, cinnamon powder, Arabic coffee powder.


Use as a regular soap for the whole family.
Recommended in the kitchen, effective at removing odours from hands. (i.e. garlic, fish, onions, machboos- Bahraini dish)
Place soap on a soap dish for longer use.


  • Coffee is exfoliating for sensitive skin
  • Coffee helps remove odors from hands
  • Cinnamon is known to even out skin tone