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Date Seed Lipbalm 5g

Subtly scented lip balm made from cold pressed nutrient rich plant oils 

Date seeds come in many shapes and colors, each reflecting different properties; the date seed oil is made from a mix of all of them together. We chose red packaging, because the red variety is the auspicious one. When the red date appears, it announces that the harvest is coming. Hence its Arabic name, “al mubashir”, the bringer of good news. 

We hope, with this color, you will have good news to share. 


Native  |  Plant-based


Beeswax* (cera alba), shea butter* (vitellaria paradoxa), vanilla infused (vanilla planafolia) virgin jojoba oil* (simmondsia chinensis), date seed oil (phoenix dactylifera). *Organic 


Use this lip balm anytime to moisturize, or use under your lip gloss or lipstick. 


  • Soothes 
  • Least fragrance of all our lip balms