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Pearl Toner 60ml

Hydrating native rosewater distilled in copper pots with freshwater pearls.

This distilled plant water is pure and medicinal. Desert palm hydrosol cools the skin and hydrates, while rose gently disinfects. The toner is activated with crushed pearls, adding regenerating amino acids, refining skin tone, and results in a lustrous finish. The alchemy of the plants and minerals communicate with your cells directly, instantly shifting skin to a balanced state. 




Bahraini green date palm hydrosol (phoenix dactylifera), sandalwood hydrosol (santalum paniculatum), bahraini rose hydrosol (rosa damascena), pure pearl powder (Margaritifera margaritifera), dietary sulfur MSM. 


Spray on freshly cleansed face to tone, before applying serum or moisturizer. This product adds another layer of hydration and assists in further activating all of our products applied to the skin. 


  • Replenishes dehydrated skin 
  • Delivers minerals for radiance 
  • Cools red and irritated skin 

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