“The Emotional Body needs to experience gravity and levity in order to enjoy the full dimension of feelings.”
Thomas S. Cowan

Ride gravity and levity- the physics of life. Levity is the opposing force to Gravity. In other words, one should feel DOWN just as much as they should experience feeling UP...

Only with this comparison can you really appreciate being UP and DOWN, or WHOLE, wise and content. With a wider vision and a better grasp over the complexities that are so delightful in themselves to discover. You get closer to you and closer to others.

So, when you’re down, stop for a moment and drink it in. Journal it, as all things change, being down is just like the weather- it will change again. Look only to make yourself peaceful, put out all the doubts and anger. Look only to what you need, find out what shuts you down, and what opens you up. If something is making you feel insecure don’t deny it, address it. You don’t deserve to feel like that, you deserve to be secure.

When levity arrives again, go up with it (we can hold ourselves down too!). For a lot of us, guilt can play a role here, but it’s physics... we should also experience UP, if you are soaring let it accelerate without your breaks on. If you’re mindful, you will ride both waves gravity and levity, with less resistance.

The trick is to be conscious of what gets you down, and aware of what uplifts you. Relationships, nature, music, sport, flavors and aromas can all be uplifting. What is your levity?

Read more on this subject with this month’s book recommendation from “The Caravan Reads”, The Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas S. Cowan, MD

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